Root Canal

Root Canal Treatment Madurai


What is a Root Canal Treatment in Madurai?

In simple terms, a root canal procedure is similar to working inside the tooth with small instruments – just smaller ones. So instead of making lots of big cuts.
you’re making one or two tiny little holes….like pinholes. Because let’s face it…cuts across nerves might hurt…but poking through them?? Not fun!!! Plus once everything gets cleaned out, you don’t feel the pain anymore. Also, while you still need to save the nerve itself…
it heals up faster than the surrounding tissue. That means no sensitivity either and ultimately better health long-term!

Root Canal Treatment Madurai

So, now that we understand why getting a root canal done is SO important let’s talk about how it happens! Typically, the entire process typically takes between 2 ½ hours and 3 hours. First comes an exam where the doctor checks to see whether the tooth needs saving…..then depending on its condition….they determine if the tooth can heal naturally OR will require some type of restoration.

Either way, the next step is the cleaning and shaping of the pulp chamber/canal followed by filling and sealing off the hole made during treatment!

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How do you know if you need a root canal? How long does a root canal take?

Is there anything else I should know before going under anesthesia? Asking these types of questions will help ensure that you receive quality care from our experienced team. Give us a call today!

Root canal treatment or endodontic treatment involves removing all infected soft tissue from within the crown portion of the tooth and thoroughly cleansing the area. Root canal therapy uses special tools to clean out any debris left behind the following infection; these are placed into the root canals of the affected areas.

Once the root canal has been cleansed, the remaining space may be filled with medication-containing materials, which help prevent further bacterial growth. Following this stage, the tooth’s original shape and structure are restored.

The goal of root canal therapy is to remove bacteria from the interior of the tooth without damaging the delicate inner structures. In cases where root canal therapy cannot successfully treat an infection, other options exist including extraction and replacement with implants or dentures.

At times, however, a patient does not experience severe symptoms until much later in life, perhaps only upon chewing solid foods.

For example, a person may not notice significant discomfort until age 30 or older, though he or she could likely benefit from root canal therapy earlier. However, because early detection often leads to more prompt treatments, patients should visit their dentist regularly throughout childhood and adolescence to monitor the development of permanent adult teeth. Early diagnosis allows a professional to perform necessary procedures before irreversible damage occurs.

Some individuals delay seeking care because they believe that “a cavity must happen during childhood” and fear being teased about having “baby teeth”. Other people delay visiting a dentist because of embarrassment associated with traditional dental settings.

Step By Step Root Canal Treatment Madurai – Tooth Extraction


The most common reasons for needing a root canal include decay, injury, or tumors pressing against the roots. But sometimes teeth simply stop growing properly, so they become too large in relation to the size of your jawbone and gum tissues.

This causes crowding or space problems down the road as well as changes in bite alignment. If not treated when needed, such damage results in bone loss, facial deformity, swelling, chronic infections, and even medical complications. did I end up here?

Well, after many visits over several months, I found myself at the emergency room receiving intravenous antibiotics due to extreme pain. The dentist told me she couldn’t get into the back molars…that there were four wisdom teeth stuck behind them and said she needed x-rays right then. After waiting 8 hours, I went home feeling pretty hopeless.

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“My husband had already called around looking for someone who specialized in oral surgery. We ended up finding a great surgeon who removed three impacted molars and saved five others using nothing but dental floss and tweezers. It took less than 48 hours total to complete! Since then, I’ve seen another specialist twice and have been completely healed up except for minor scarring. And guess what? A year later, those same first molar teeth look perfect and function beautifully”.