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Dental prostheses and functionality
The dental prosthesis is an artificial element whose function is to restore the anatomy of one or more teeth, also rehabilitating the relationship between the jaws, while returning the vertical dimension, and must replace the dentition and periodontal structures.
The most important goal of a prosthesis is functionality. the dental prosthesis must provide the ability to chew effectively, without interfering with swallowing. secondly, it must provide adequate phonetics that allows the patient to communicate correctly, without the prosthesis interfering with it, in addition to this, it must obviously be taken into account that the prostheses must not interfere with breathing, to achieve the functionality of the dental prosthesis, 4 factors must be taken into account: retention, support, stability and fixation. the functionality of the prosthesis offers the patient a quality of life similar to when they had all their teeth, but it also prevents the rest of the dental structures from deteriorating, since quality dental prostheses repair even the vertical dimension of the mouth, thus avoiding bad joint positions that would have very different effects.
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